Project Details

Industry: Victorian Water Industry

Time: 2013

Project Description

The client had contracted a company to provide operational and maintenance services on its infrastructure, and the management of performance against the contract was based on a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Due to the criticality of the accuracy of the KPIs to both parties, and their working relationship, the client sought an independent third party information management specialist to review the quality of the KPI data and to recommend, if necessary, any changes that could be made to improve the quality and reliability of the KPI data.


The processes for capturing the data were complicated with three different companies capturing and storing data into multiple software systems, before it was later extracted to calculate the KPIs. Data capture was a 24hr/7 day a week process, predominantly manual, with staff of all 3 companies requiring a detailed and common understanding of the specific data to be captured.

Sublime Business Solutions Engagement

Sublime Business Solutions was appointed to review all aspects of the KPI development process and to provide a report with review findings and recommendations for improvement.

The review was based on staff interviews, existing documentation and process observation, and investigated all elements of the KPI production process:

  • The KPI raw data
  • The processes associated with the lifecycle of the KPI production
  • The people related impacts on the data quality
  • The information system architecture and its impact on data quality and reporting accuracy


The Sublime Business Solution report identified a number of areas where the quality of the KPI reporting could be improved, and included a list of associated recommendations on how to achieve the improvements. The client was pleased with the result of the review and the submitted report.