Sublime Business Solutions offers an extensive range of services aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Client’s Information System Environments to deliver real business improvement.

Each Client project is treated as unique, and the goal is always to deliver quality services to “Get it Right”. Sublime Business Solution’s approach is customised to meet the characteristics of the project and the Client’s requirements, and is based on eight fundamental practices.

  • Determine upfront what the real business issue is that requires solving; surprisingly it is not always what the Client thinks it is.
  • Achieve a common and clear understanding with the Client of the project scope, objectives and roles and responsibilities, to provide the client with comfort and to avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings down the track.
  • Perform quality business and requirements analysis to ensure that the solution delivered meets exactly the business need.
  • Deliver structured project management services to ensure that the solution is delivered on time and on budget, and to specification.
  • Partner with the Client as a team to maximise the value of available knowledge and skills to deliver the optimal solution.
  • Implement a strong project governance model to ensure that the Client is always cognisant of the project status, and to maintain business ownership of the solution throughout.
  • Continual focus on managing and reducing the impact of solution based change on the Client’s staff and business.
  • Formal project closure to finalise detail, capture project learnings and to celebrate the success of the solution.