Whether it be to solve a business issue or to enhance business performance, Sublime Business Solutions provides a holistic range of services to assist clients achieve the right information system solution to meet their unique business needs.

Establish the Need

  • Perform Business Needs Analysis
  • Develop Business Cases
  • Establish Detailed Functional Requirements

Procure the Solution

  • Develop Tender Documentation
  • Manage the Tender Process
  • Evaluate the Tender
  • Contract Negotiation

Implement the Solution

  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor management
  • Change Management

If your organisation does not have the required experience, current skills and knowledge, available time or the ability to be totally objective in performing any or all of these tasks and functions, contact Sublime Business Solutions on 03 5341 3086 or email to info@sublimebusinesssolutions.com.au

Selecting the right software solution for each business is critical, please watch this interview to understand why.