Knowledge and Information Management

Quality information and a strong knowledge base form the foundation upon which a successful business operates. At Sublime Business Solutions we understand the importance of Information management and knowledge management to the success of your business, and offer a range of services to assist you in developing and fine tuning these critical core business elements.

Knowledge Management

  • Perform Knowledge Management Assessments and Reviews
  • Develop Knowledge Management Plans
  • Staff Mentoring

Information Management

  • Data Quality Assessments
  • Process Documentation and Review
  • Data Requirements Analysis
  • Information System Reviews

If your organisation does not have the required experience, current skills and knowledge, available time, or the ability to be totally objective in performing these tasks and functions, contact Sublime Business Solutions on 5341 3086 or email us


Greg takes a practical approach to information management, focusing on outcomes and the Enterprise. It was rewarding to work with someone looking for real improvements, not scared to review and challenge arcane work processes. Information and records management don’t have to be esoteric – Greg achieved process streamlining, instant information availability and removal of the paper volcano at Central Highlands Water. A great colleague to work with – on an enjoyable assignment.
James Treacy

Dataline Group Pty Ltd, Senior Application Development Manager